Healthy Interactions

Healthy Interactions Group:
Winnebago County’s Domestic Violence Diversion Program

 Here you will find the weekly power-point presentations and supplemental information sheets from group.  Please use the links below for each week’s material:

Communication Skills
Week 1:
 PowerPointTypes of CommunicationBasics of Communication5 Types (added 3/21/2023)
Week 1.5: Assessment (Michael said before week 1, but it’s actually for week 2)
Week 2:  PowerPoint (edited 3/19/2024)

Healthy Relationships
Week 1:  PowerPointQuiz •  The Relationship Tree (updated 8/22/2023)
Week 2: PowerPointpower and control wheelEquality-Wheel (updated 8/29/2023)
Week 3:  PowerPointtrust building blocks • trustwhy stay in abusive relationships and jealousyLove Languages FlowChart (added 3/14/2023)

Anger Management

Week 1: PowerPoint Cost of Anger (added 7/31/2023)

Week 2: PowerPoint Anger Control (added 8/15/2023)

Week 3: PowerPoint Anger Triggers/Relaxation (added 8/15/2023)


Stress Management

Week 1: PowerPoint What Is Anxiety?Definition of Stress • Stress Curve (added 7/31/2023)

Week 2: PowerPoint ExercisesProgressive Muscle Relaxation ScriptRealistic Thinking (added 1/23/2024)
Week 3: PowerPoint Mindful Eating (added 7/31/2023)

Guilt vs Shame

Week 1: PowerPoint InfographicCoping with Guilt and Shame (added 7/31/20)

Forgiveness/Letting Go

Week 1: PowerPoint 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past12 Steps to Letting GoForgiveness and Letting Go How to Achieve It (added 6/27/2023)


Week 1: PowerPoint Grief Recovery Guide  (added 6/19/2023)

Week 2: PowerPoint • Moving Through Grief (added 6/19/2023)

Thought Mapz

Week 1: PowerPoint CBT Practice ExercisesCBT Worksheet (added 6/6/2023)

Week 2: PowerPoint • Countering Negative Thoughts (added 6/6/2023)


Week 1: PowerPointCard SortExercises (added 5/23/2023)


Week 1: PowerPoint • Create Healthy BoundariesBoundary Exploration (edited 11/7/2023)

Week 2: PowerPoint (added 5/16/2023)

CoDependency (Self Love Deficit Disorder)

Week 1: PowerPointAssessment •  Some Light Reading 😉 (edited 10/17/2023)
Week 2: PowerPointContinuum of Self • Continuum of Self Values • More Reading on CoDependency 😉 (edited 10/24/2023)


Week 1:  PowerPointAssessment •  Reading (added 4/4/2023)
Week 2: PowerPointUnconditional Worth • Unconditional LoveGrowing (edited 10/3/2023)
Week 3: PowerPointPositive Side of Neutral • Unhelpful Thinking StylesThinking Errors (edited 10/10/2023)

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