Does relaxing mean locking yourself in the house to binge watch the latest Netflix series or surfing the internet?


Afraid of social situations or feel as though you have to constantly protect yourself.


Feeling disconnected from friends, family or even yourself.


Pain is constant (emotional, physical or psychological) and relationships are unrewarding or non-existent.


Your past haunts you with memories of sadness and anger – or don’t recall what the past looks like.


You’re worn out!


We help answer the questions: “Where do I want to go in life?” – “Who do I want to go there with?”


It could be said, “we are all created to live life, not struggle with relationships, abuse or careers.”


We believe that your problems do not define you, but rather they hold the solution to get to the “best” you that you can be.


Let us help you get there.


You may read other sites that say they “provide a confidential, supportive and safe environment.”  — While we think that’s great to hear, we want you to know that we offer that safe place where you can vent, scream, cry and work through your unique issues without judgment or harassment.