Experience – Michael Noll

Michael Noll, LPC

My experience in the field of mental health has varied since entering this career.  During my graduate school studies (Lakeland College) I to was able to work with Appleton Psychiatric and Counseling Center where I observed and co-counseled individuals and couples who were seeking help for a variety of issues.   With Family Court Counseling Service of Winnebago County I engaged couples as a co-mediator and job shadowed with the team for conflict resolution of court ordered child custody cases currently in process within the Winnebago County Court System.   At the University of Wisconsin at the Oshkosh campus I first interned as an AODA Sanction Program counselor where I met individually, and in groups, with students who had violated the school’s alcohol and marijuana policies.  The next semester I was a counseling generalist and biofeedback specialist who met individually with students to help them balance their school and home lives to be able to better work through issues they had been experiencing.  I also co-facilitated a men’s group that focused on depth-oriented relational work involving issues of intimacy, empowerment, and creating a healthy sense of masculine identity.  As a biofeedback specialist I used the Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (Wild Divine and Stress Eraser) tools to help train individuals relaxation and focusing techniques to work through stressful and depressive symptoms.

Working at Reach Counseling, in Neenah, WI, I co-facilitated a Sex Offender Treatment group to help fulfill Department of Corrections (DOC) requirements with after clients have they had fulfilled prison or jail time.  I also Co-facilitated a Sex Offender Support group to help individuals with a past of sexual offense to cope and work through anxiety, depression and life issues after their conviction.   When not working with sex offenders I worked with victims of sexual and domestic abuse.  I helped them to work through their experience and begin to move from seeing themselves as victims to viewing themselves as survivors and ultimately thrivers.

At Family Services of NEW I was contracted as a Jail Counselor and Domestic Violence Facilitator.   In these roles I co-facilitated of  Winnebago County’s Deferred Adjudication Program Domestic Violence Diversion Program.  The life skills group was for men and women who had been charged with a first offense domestic violence charge.  It consisted of sixteen weeks of group time covering topics such as anxiety, anger, AODA education, healthy relationships, self-esteem, cognitive thinking and coping skills.  I also facilitated voluntary educational groups in the Winnebago County Jail men and women to increase their personal awareness of issues dealing with anxiety, anger, AODA education, grief, relationships and communication skills.

At the Counseling and Psychology Center I began this company (Michael Noll, LPC) where I have been able to help individuals, couples and families reach their maximum potential through talk therapy and biofeedback.  Please browse the rest of this site to see more of my offerings that have carried over from my time at the Counseling and Psychology Center.


Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA)
March 2016 – Present

  • Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid through Neenah Joint School District
    • This is a training that is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent who is experiencing a mental health or addiction challenge or is in crisis

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
May 2012 – May 2015

  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid through NAMI – Fox Valley in a course that was designed to give members of the public key skills to help individuals who are developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis 

QPR Training – CPR for Suicide Prevention
June 2012

  • QPR gatekeeper training to recognize warning signs, methods to encourage a person to get help and a list of resources available in the community

Equine-Assisted Human Development
June 2012
Pegasus Leadership Consultants, LLC and Lakeland College http://www.pegasusleaders.com/

  • Equine-Assisted Human Development seminar to learn about therapeutic riding, mental health therapy and team & leadership development 


American Counseling Association
December 2011 – January 2013

Volunteer Experience

Wisconsin ChalleNGe Academy (National Guard)
July 2010 – September 2011

  • Mentor for at-risk teenager
    • Worked with teenager by offering support and guidance as the cadet was stationed at the ChalleNGe Academy

NAMI Fox Valley
June 2012 – June 2014

  • Volunteer for NAMI Fox Valley
    • Working with NAMI Fox Valley as volunteer to assist in their efforts to continually help individuals and their families who live with mental illness
    • Co-facilitator training, September 2012, to co-facilitate NAMI’s Family Sharing groups.
    • Co-facilitated Family Sharing Groups