My name is Melissa, a Neenah/Fox-Cities native, current graduate student, and clinical mental health counselor-in-training at Northwestern University. Personal interests include: coffee connoisseur, all-things Fall, music, sports, traveling, and adventure!

One of my all-time favorite adventures to embark on are road-trips (even if it’s just to get a pint of ice cream)! Well a road trip is never complete without good company, and on this road trip we call life, I want to help individuals highlight their inner strengths to weather uncertainty, accomplish personal goals, and make their voices be heard! I graduated from Ripon College with a Bachelor’s in Psychobiology, then set out towards fulfilling my long-lasting passion of working with individuals to improve their well-being from a holistic view, incorporating wellness for the mind, physical body, and spirit.

We often find ourselves in a world of intense stigma around mental health, in which I have found myself wanting to be a substantial figure in rewriting that narrative for our communities. My knowledge of the physical human body and its connectivity to our personal mental health intertwined with a psychodynamic background serves as a foundation for some of my work.

In my role as a counselor-in-training at Michael Noll Counseling LLC, I am equipped to provide comprehensive and compassionate support for clients in terms of advocacy, promotion of social justice, self-exploration, personal development, and educational growth. Additionally, in being a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and as a graduate student, I am continuously engaging in expanding my knowledge through education of current practices, neuroscience, techniques, and technology. I am committed personally and professionally to ethically and legally serve diverse populations of adults (ages 18+) facing mental health challenges and relationship obstacles.